For Better or Worse..

say hi to our new blog!

The new blog's name? Davao Homeschooling Family :) I created it last November, and more than 5 posts later, it still doesn't have a header photo. Haha! It's because I'm still torn between using a stylized blog name (done in calligraphy preferably) or our family's photo. This blog is what actually jumpstarted my blogging mojo and led me to assess my old blogs, of whether they are worth reviving or not :) Obviously, this wedding blog made the cut so yay for that!

MADAYAW from Davao Homeschooling Family! :)

And yes, as you can surmise from the blog name, I write about homeschooling my kids there. But the blog is actually so much more! I'll be writing about my experiences in cooking, as a wife, our Davao life, and on and on :) The DHF blog (family life) is actually a continuation of my personal blog (single life) and this wedding blog (married life). Interested to delve deeper on how DHF came about? Read the blog's first post! Yes, that's the screenshot of it above.

I guess that's about it! If you followed this wedding blog of ours to plan your Davao wedding and now you're expecting a baby, read about Attachment Parenting, babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and co-sleeping. It might lead to the best decisions you'll ever make in raising your baby and saving a lot of money! ;-) And if you have a big baby, toddler or kid already, follow Davao Homeschooling Family. You might fall in love with homeschooling and realize it's the best education path for you and your kids!


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