hello Davao brides, grooms and wedding planners

I have some good news for you: this Davao wedding blog will be (constantly) updated starting now, and throughout 2015! :) I can't promise a lot of posts but I will update at least once a month. The reason for this blog's revival? Google still sends a lot of traffic to it! Daily, it receives nearly a 100 views! It doesn't sound a lot (others have millions/day!) but the last time I wrote a post related to Davao weddings was 4 years ago! And since 2012, I only wrote one post a year~ during our wedding anniversaries, haha! So all the views I get now are just like "residual income" :)

source: http://www.marisavitali.it
The Google traffic also meant that there are still a lot of people who are looking for information in planning Davao weddings. Most of them are probably brides who love to DIY like me! So I might as well help them right? Hence the decision to update this blog with more wedding posts :) So what's coming in the next few weeks? Christmas weddings, marriage tips, #DongYan wedding (I looove Marian Rivera!!) / #JourneyToDDay, lucky wedding dates for 2015 and a whole lot more so keep posted!


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