For Better or Worse..

♥ falling in love with your spouse all over again ♥

Hi everyone! :) I actually have a different blog post planned for today (#DongYanWedding!! Yes, I'm an obsessed fan, hihi!) but as Labsie headed out to work, he handed me a paper full of scribbles. He said he had to do an introduction about himself at work yesterday, and can I please kindly read it. So I read it and by the end, I was totally in love with him all over again! :) And falling in love with your spouse again is just as intense as the first time -- so yeah, #kiligmuch. Haha!

No, what he gave me wasn't a love letter; nor was there mushy stuff about me in his introduction. I wasn't even mentioned, not even once! But he mentioned "other girls", LOL! A little background: hubby started out as an engineering student but ended up as a Language and Literature major. He knows a lot of classic stories, corrects my grammar, the whole shebang. I read his works maybe twice or thrice (he never really shares what he writes; shy artist problem?) and I never really realized that he is quite a witty writer. In fact, I thought we had the same lighthearted writing style! Such a fun fact to discover on our sixth year of marriage! ;-)

And so, without much further ado, here's what he wrote (don't worry, I asked his permission to post this here and I think he was a bit flattered, hihi) --

The universe is full of impossible possibilities, and I am one of those. My parents did not expect to have me; I am a hundred percent sure they wished for a cute, placid poster boy. Instead they were given an energetic, loud-mouthed, poop factory. At least that was what I was told.

I was born on the Halloween of '81, when people were more fearful of the Marcoses than vampires, ghosts, and all things supernatural. I grew up wishing I was like Astroboy who always gets fixed at the end, after getting blown in numerous ways. It would be amazing if I can climb the highest tree or go swamp fishing without fear of losing a limb or getting malaria.

I went to high school thinking that it was going to be a blast because now my friends and I can outrun those third graders that we always play tag with; them unwillingly. Instead I had to deal with pimples, peer pressure and Math.

I graduated high school without having the tiniest idea of what course I should pursue in college. I finally chose BS ECE because my friends took it. I'm pretty sure all of us were clueless at that time and nobody read the fine print that "E" stand for Engineering. Which means Math, a good bunch of it, and the ratio of boys to girls there is 10:1. It was definitely not a good way of meeting girls in college.

Some of my classmates became successful engineers, while most of us shifted to other courses. However, we all became successful ALAKtricians and GINgineers.

So here I am working in the IT industry even though I didn't finish an IT course. It's even more amazing that I found out I had a passion for numbers, and computers, and everything technical because never had I thought of having it in me. I thought I would be a musician or a painter, but as I have said: the universe is full of possible impossibilities!

Wasn't that a hilarious write-up?! Haha! Though Labsie's writing wit / humor is tad drier compared to mine (which is complete with exclamation points and emojis, LOL). It's so much fun to discover new facets of your spouse when you've know each other for so long. We've been together since 1999 and only now I have discovered this talent of his. Love, love! :)



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